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About Shelfco Shelves Steel

Shelfco Shelves Steel is a professional shelving company focusing on quality of products and services. We supply all varieties of steel shelves at a very reasonable price.

We specialize in a wide range of retail, industrial and supermarket shelving, from bolt-on shelving to gondola shelves for your retail as well as storage needs, designed for both industrial & commercial environments. We always ensure that you have an efficient and organized Inventory system as well as the necessary fixtures to market your products more effectively.

Shelfco Shelves Steel has built on its strong reputation under the management of Razan Almardini with the help of a group of her staff. Established in February 2011, Shelfco Shelves Steel has been consistently supplied top quality steel shelving system to all types of businesses, from top companies to government offices in Qatar for more than four years now. We have the necessary personnel, equipment, and expertise capable of meeting a broad range of projects. Since its operation, Shelfco Shelves Steel has proven that it can be entrusted to protect your trust & confidence on every shelving project.

When you’ve got a storage problem – we’ve got products that fit your needs. We got everything you need to store anything you’ve got at very reasonable rates. Our company provides high quality project from start to finish, our dedication to customer satisfaction and work ethics make us the ideal choice for all your shelving needs.

Call us today the contact details below and see how we can help you and discuss further with your shelving storage requirement. We will be happy to assist you and look forward to working with your company.

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